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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 4, 2016 12:37am-1:06am EST

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just a perfect day feed animals in the zoo then later a movie >> this is nightline. >> tonight, a political bear knuckle brawl and now the gop low. >> look at those hands. are they small hands. >> amidst the rematch with megyn kelly. off the debate stage. >> donald trump is a phony. >> firing back against mitt romney. >> he would have dropped to his knees. >> plus sports reporter and dancing with the stars co-host erin andrews viral nightmare. taking the stand in her civil suit over a secretly recorded video by a stalker and addressing the painful false
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publicity stunt. 30 years after the original. >> let's go. >> i'm sorry. >> it's the return of ghost busters with an all female crew. the hotly anticipated first look at the reboot. who you going to call? but first, the nightline five. >> the products work together like a team. a combination help designed. >> zantac works in as little as 30 minutes.
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good evening, thanks for joining us. the blistering attacks against donald trump continuing tonight on the debate stage. among the fearest jabs the charges of fraud surrounding trump university. tonight we are with one former trump university student suing trump but making a surprising declaration. >> just when you thought it wasn't possible for the gop debate to go even lower, donald trump took it right below the belt. his own belt. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to me hands. if they're small, something else must be small. problem. i guarentee it. >> marco rubio accused him of shipping jobs overseas. >> he can start tonight by announcing that all the donald j. trump clothing will not be made in china and mexico but here in the united states. >> ted cruz accused him of
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about education and the new york times editorial board another. release the tapes. >> you're the one. >> why are you hiding the tapes? >> i have given my answer lying ted. i've given my answer. >> the whole thing at tile hearsay the dignity of a food fight. >> i have a policy question for you, sir. >> let's see if he answers it. >> i won't. don't worry about it little marco, i will. >> let's hear it big donald. >> and leaving it to cruz to play peacemaker. >> breathe, breathe. you can do it. you can breathe. i know it's hard. >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer a question? >> you cannot. i really hope that we don't see yoga on this stage. >> he's very flexible. >> the party of lincoln is a house divided against itself. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud.
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a degree from trump university. >> the party now in a full scale civil war. >> he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> earlier today the 2012 nominee mitt romney publicly attacked the character of the 2016 front runner in the reality show this race has become it's kind of like the bachelor from one season accusing the new bachelor of being a scoundrel. >> think of donald trump's personal qualities. the bullying. the greed. the showing off. the absurd third grade thea tricks. >> today the donald fired back. >> he was begging for my entorsment. i could have said mitt drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his knees. >> trump's son eric tweeted out
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>> being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. i'm so honored and pleased to have his endorsement. >> back then romney called trump a model business man. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works to create jobs for the american people. >> today, not so much. >> but you say wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no he isn't. and no, he doesn't. his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses and the men and women that work for them. >> today romney practically dared trump to bring it. >> like by the way how he responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences or attack me with every imaginable low road insult. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly.
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that was a race i have to say folks that should have been won. >> that was just the appetizer. tonight's debate marks a rematch of sorts between the candidate and one of his toughest inquiz tos. fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> mr. trump. >> nice to be with you megyn. >> nice to have you. >> you're looking well. >> thank you. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no it wasn't. [ applause ] >> your twitter account -- >> thank you. >> for the record, it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> i'm sure it was.
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of trump tirades. the candidate even suggesting she was having her period. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her where ever. >> tonight she questioned him about trump university. a failed business venture that trump claims had an a rating from the better business bureau. >> we went back and looked at this. the rating was a d minus. that's the last publicly available rating in 2010 and it was a result of the number of complaints they had received. >> but it was elevated to an a. >> that's never been released. >> trump university was an business school. >> we teach success. it's going to happen to you. >> as this promotional video shows it offered to teach entrepreneurs the secrets of donald's success. >> if you don't learn from me. if you don't learn from the people we'll be putting forward and these are all people hand picked by me you're not going to
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>> in 2013 the new york state attorney general filed a $40 million fraud lawsuit accusing trump of defrauding more than 5,000 people. some of them for tens of thousands of dollars. there were also two other class action lawsuits brought on behalf of former students demanding their money back. >> i was duped by the donald. >> an anti-trump pact called the america future fund launched a series of attack ads. >> america do not make the same mistake that i did with donald trump. i got hurt badly. >> each of them featuring former trump university students. >> spent about 30,000 dhrs at trump university and all it did was ruin my credit and my life. >> nightline tracked down t.j. thompson that paid $35,000 to attend the school. >> i was a real estate agent at the time and was doing retail real estate and hoped to take it up another notch.
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kept promising bigger secrets if she ponied up more money. sell-a-thon. they would teach us just enough and then say if you want to know more, you to pay x amount more dollars to really get the real information. >> today trump defended the course dismissing the lawsuits as frivolous. essentially the cost of doing business. >> have other suits too. any business man or business woman has lawsuits. people sue to get their money back. >> trump has said 98% of the students were happy with trump university. but tonight at the debate megyn kelly pressed him on that. >> this is what the court of appeals found. they said the plaintiffs against you are like the madolph victims. >> she hasn't ruled out voting for donald trump. >> i love donald trump. if i didn't i wouldn't have joined the program.
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his promising and now he's telling large numbers of people that he's going to make america great. i would like my life great. >> but she still wants her money back. i'm david wright for nightline in new york. >> up next, dancing with the stars co-host erin andrews tearful testimony in court. and later, they're back. the ghost busters. a sneak peek released with the new all female squad but will original cast members make an
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it's quite literally one woman's nightmare gone viral. female sports caster and dancing with the stars co-host erin andrews taking the stand and speaking out about the humiliation she still suffers from the nude video taken by her stalker through a hotel peephole. viewed nearly 70 million times. was the hotel chain at fault too? it's the $75 million question. >> you know your body and i saw it for two seconds and i was like oh my god. >> it was the moment erin andrews says she will never forget. the first time she saw a video of herself naked online. >> i'm naked all over the internet and i don't know when it is. >> the popular sportscaster and dancing with the stars co-host in court suing the man that secretly recorded that video as well as the owners and managers
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it all happened for $75 million claiming they made it easy for him to film her in the nude. >> did you know michael barrett? >> no. >> it all began in 2008 when barrett tracked andrews down to this marriott on the vanderbilt campus. >> picks up the phone. calls the hotel here. this is jeff, scott, and erin andrews. i need to confirm our reservation. >> she was there covering college football for espn. >> it was a big game. vanderbilt was looking good and college game day was coming the week after. >> her espn colleague was on that trip. the jury today hearing his deposition from 2014. >> do you have any observations as to why she was so popular? >> she was very well respected. i think a lot of men also in the 2008 time frame, i think in general, i think they find her very attractive. >> lawyers representing the marriott property owners said he
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sneaking on to an employee phone at the hotel itself calling the operator and asking to be connected. >> i picked up the house phone and i called the operator and asked can i have erin andrews room. they connected me so then i knew what room she was in. >> he removed a portion of the outer peephole from andrews door. >> waited until the is shower was turned off pulled it in and waited for the opportunity. >> he stands there for 4.5 minutes and videos her. >> that video ended up online. now seen by nearly 17 million people. >> people are still posting the video online. people have individual copies out there. i don't know of anyway -- i can't think of anyway to get it off. >> andrews blamed barrett but also the hotel. >> i was so angry. this could have been stopped. the marriott could have just called me and said we're putting
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next to you, is this okay? and i would have called the cops. >> but the national marriott's lawyer saying the hotel is not at fault arguing that barrett pulled a fast one on them. >> he deceived, he stalked. >> and that he is nothing short of a criminal with a history. >> mr. barrett is testifying that there were some 10 to 15 other women he also stalked. >> for andrews, it's personal. >> do you believe you'll ever get over this? >> no. >> but after the crying a grueling cross examination for andrews. >> you had done very well in your career since 2008. >> arguing that the nude recordings have not had a negative impact on her career. >> you also got an endorsement for reebok. >> yes. >> you also got an endorsement for degree. >> yes. >> you also got an endorsement for diet mountain dew. >> yes.
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that her career took off after the naked video. i would respond that her career took off in spite of the naked video. >> but in a world where a sex tape is said to have said help catapult kim kardashian to fame. some online questioning her motives. one posting on her instagram just this week. it's everywhere. but it's staged. she set the entire thing up. another saying even the executives at espn believe you staged the entire thing. it's an opinion andrews has been defending against for years. >> it's a violation. >> opening up to oprah winfrey in 2009. >> i'm sure you heard people say that it could have been a publicity stunt. >> disappointed. especially when it came from females. >> this is not kim kardashian shooting to fame after a sex tape. this is a tomboy turned all
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fights and works her way to the violated. >> andrews maintaining this incident has caused lasting emotional scars. >> i instantly cover the peephole and then i do a check of the room. i look everywhere. i look for lights. i look for red lights. i look to see if there's cameras. >> at court her father recounting the ordeal. >> i feared for her life. she wouldn't eat. she wouldn't bathe. she wouldn't talk. all she would do is cry. >> he says the job she once loved became terrifying remembering her return to espn in september 2009 after the video was released. >> we had spoken just seconds before she went on the air and she was in tears. >> and even 8 years later he says his daughter still isn't the same. >> she's not the girl that we
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>> but in the wake of it all, andrews becoming an advocate pushing antistalking legislation in front of congress in 2010. >> i had no idea just how serious this crime was until it effected my life. >> also that year, sharing her experience with other talking victims on good morning america. >> felt like everywhere i looked everybody was looking. even if nobody was looking at me at all. >> tomorrow, closing arguments in this case but for andrews this nightmare will never end. >> it's what happens when my kids come home from school and they're like mom kids are saying you're naked on the internet? that's something that's always in my mind and i'll always have to tell my kids, mommy didn't do anything wrong. >> nightline in nashville, tennessee. >> up next, the ghost busters are back. a first look at the reboot. so how many clues can you spot
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even if you weren't around 30 years ago ghost busters is a pop culture touch stone. our first look at the reboot of the 80s classic. >> it's okay. she seems peaceful. my name is erin gilbert. >> the hail of slime. blessed relief. the ghost busters reboot 32 years later, clearly safe hands.
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>> the director told an excited audience watching this brand new trailer in l.a. there will be a lot of things you're happy to see but coming at you in a slightly different way. last time was 1984. this time -- >> let's go. >> oh i'll let you. >> the main cast is all female. chris hemsworth plays the receptionist. original cast members have confirmed cameos. as what, we have no idea. the original, a mold breaking unlikely oscar nominee is now preserved by the library of congress as part of america's cultural heritage. >> we came, we saw, we kicked it's [ bleep ]. >> so the music, the hat, kie. all that one way in another. i'd be bummed if i didn't see all of that stuff. but those billboards look kind
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is there time travel this time around? nightline in los angeles. >> the plot thickens. thanks for watching. tune into gma tomorrow morning and as always we're online 24/7-on-our nightline facebook good night america. dr. oz: we answer 99 of your biggest food questions, starting with artificial food coloring. why are so many dyes band outside the u.s. should you be worried? >> there are about half a


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